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Neighborhood Cafe with a Mission

The projected started with a romantic idea since August 2017, when the we, the co-founders were still busy conquering their respective jobs in Technology-related fields. With the enormous aspiration to endorse local products into daily lives, we wanted to open a small cafe, using only local coffee beans and local arts and crafts for decorations. 

Armed with an empty pot of land and passion, we set out to design an open and green space in the middle of Thao Dien. When we could not locate a suitable local architect nor contractor, we did what entrepreneurs normally do, we did it ourselves. Thankfully, Sketch-Up was user-intuitive while my mother - Ms. Tien, the superwoman, led the daily workers to complete every tasks from foundation to fit-out. 

Nha Tien was finally ready to open to the public in October 2018, just like that, the project turned out to be much bigger (and better) than either of the founders' vision. Since then, Ellie has left her corporate job in Cybersecurity to become the Managing Director and (occasionally) Head Barista while Ms. Tien has become Nha Tien's Executive Chef.

With the mission to living the jargon "Nothing is impossible", the founders recruited raw talents to teach them the art of espresso making to sous-vide operations. "Witnessing the progress-" said the founders, "is what gets us up every morning." 

Above all, Nha Tien is a project made with lots of love and passions, for the local culture, and community. Visit us to experience "homemade" culture at its core. 

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Ellie & Ms. Tien 

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